In October 2017, the Tubbs fire destroyed over 4,500 houses in Santa Rosa, California. Two of the residents that lost their home in the fire have been friends with Rocky for many years and came for help to get their home rebuilt. Due to the natural disaster, RKA chose to go above and beyond to not only help rebuild their home, but to take it on pro-bono.

This home was largely designed to accommodate for mobility issues that may arise later in life. This meant a complete departure from the design of the original home to a new single story with an open floor plan, wide hallways and ramped access to the house rather than steps. The key architectural moment of the home is the split roof which breaks the traditional a-frame shape and allows for the addition of skylights into the living room. These provide wonderful natural light and ventilation to the space. The home is designed to be simple and affordable to build while still providing a unique and beautiful final product.