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Congratulations to our newest architect, Chris Daubert.

Obtaining an architect’s license is not an easy task, but Chris tackled this challenge with drive, commitment, and a huge smile on his face. Oh, and he accomplished it while working an architect’s schedule.

Chris has been with Rockefeller Kempel Architects for 4.5 years and lends his expertise to many of our clients - commercial and residential - as a Project Architect. When Chris isn’t surfing before work or playing 9-holes at the Lakes at El Segundo, his insatiable curiosity keeps him looking toward the future of architecture.

Read on to find out more about Chris. And the next time you’re together, tell him you read his name in the L.A. Times’ feature on our Rolling Greens Nursery client. Another proud moment of ours.

Name: Chris Daubert, AIA

RKA Title: Project Architect

Degree(s) & From Where: Bachelor of Science in Architecture from SUNY Buffalo; Masters of Architecture from the University of Southern California

Professional Affiliations: AIA | LA

Where do you see the future of architecture going? I believe we’re in a very exciting moment in architecture right now. Technology and automation have tremendously impacted the way we perceive the built environment. Not only from a construction perspective but from a design and production sense as well. I see that having a big impact on the way architecture firms work in order to live up to fast expectations from clients.

What keeps you inspired? Inspiration comes to me in random moments of realization when I find myself not understanding how something works, or functions, or how it's built. This moment creates a drive and curiosity from within that inspires me to learn why it works the way it does, or the mechanics of how something functions, or how parts go together to build something.


What's your favorite building in L.A.? I love the LADWP John Ferraro Building. It was designed by an LA-based architect and tends to be overshadowed by the new buildings going up in LA with starchitect names. The LADWP building is a perfect example of Los Angeles modern that has stood the test of time and prominently sits within the city fabric.

What do you love most about working at RKA? The office culture. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that every morning when you’re driving to work you’re excited to get in there and work with people you enjoy being with.