We’re pleased to have the talents of Laura Kapp on the RKA team as a new Architectural Associate. She joined us in July and has been upping our rendering game ever since.

Laura recently received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Southern California and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council as well as the AIA.

Learn more about Laura’s creative side and where she thinks the craft of architecture is going.

Welcome to the team, Laura! We’re happy you’re here.

Name: Laura Kapp

RKA Title: Architectural Associate

Degree(s) & From Where: Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in Graphic Arts Technology from Ball State University; Masters of Architecture from the University of Southern California

Professional Affiliations: AIA & USGBC

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

My creative inspiration comes from observing different art forms, such as furniture design, collage art, fashion, sculpture, and film (to name a few). I especially enjoy seeing art that interprets traditional materials in radically new ways or that creates interesting juxtapositions.

Jorinde Voigt's work is one of my more current obsessions. She creates captivatingly intricate paintings that live somewhere between diagram, art, and environment. I admire the way she is able to craft art that feels both mathematical and yet also deeply emotional and ephemeral.


Tell us a passion of yours.

Fabrication is a huge passion of mine and one that I inherited from my grandfather. As he did, I love making things with my hands and learning the temperaments of different materials. I'm also fascinated by digital fabrication technology and enjoy thinking up new ways to put my 3D printer to use.


What's your favorite building in L.A.?

Art museums are sacred places to me and I'm completely infatuated by the Broad. It's a simple concept, a museum "vault" covered by an elaborate "veil" facade. However, depending on the time of day and the season in which you visit, the sun interacts with the facade to give you a completely new experience each time.


Where do you see the future of architecture?

I believe architecture will become increasingly more customizable, affordable, and sustainable as it continues to embrace new technologies. My hope is that with these newly integrated technologies, architecture will become more accessible and exceptional design will become the new norm.


What do you love most about working at RKA?

I love the positive work environment and being surrounded by so many talented and hard working people.