Welcome, Ozzy & Andie!

We’re thrilled to welcome two new members to the RKA team - Ozzy Sandoval, Architectural Associate and Andie Moore, Office Manager. Ozzy joined us in October 2018 and Andie a few weeks ago.

Both hailing from the midwest, Ozzy and Andie are not RKA’s next comedy duo, as their names infer. Instead, they’re talented individuals with a passionate belief that the future of architecture is rooted in sustainability. And, both see the richness, and influence, of life experiences!

Keep reading to learn more and join us in welcoming them! We’re so happy they’re here and invite you to keep tabs as they grow with us. These are two to watch!

ozzy sandoval rockefeller kempel architects architectural associate

Name: Oswaldo Sandoval (Ozzy)

RKA Title: Architectural Associate

Degree(s) & From Where: Bachelor of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology

Professional Affiliations: AIA, U.S. Green Building Council

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

I try to find inspiration in everyday situations and believe that most of our life experiences can be directly applied to how we approach design. Remembering how we felt in a space as we occupied it or as we approached it and how that influenced us can then help us convey that same feeling to others later on.


Where do you see the future of architecture going?

Sustainability and adaptability are key aspects of design as we move forward. The future of architecture should strive for innovation, environmentally-friendly design solutions, and creating spaces that build a healthy relationship between people and the spaces they occupy.


Favorite Architect:

My favorite current architect is Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang Architects. Being able to see a young, midwestern architect that is pushing the boundary on bold, innovative and sustainable design is very inspiring. It's been exciting to follow along as she starts to make her mark in Chicago and the rest of the world.


What's your favorite building in L.A.?

I’m new to L.A. so can’t choose a favorite just yet. But, I do find the built environment quite intriguing. As the city faces climate and population issues, I’m looking forward to being involved with this directly and to offer innovative solutions that will allow the city to continue to thrive.


What do you love most about working at RKA?

I love the high energy and passion for design that everyone here seems to exude. I'm also excited to build strong relationships and learn as much as I can from the team.


Name: Andrea Moore (Andie)

RKA Title: Office Manager

Degree(s) & From Where: Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Stout


What keeps you inspired?

Service leadership is part of what makes me tick. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, my instinct is to always help. Whether that means helping set up someone for success on the job, doing volunteer work or trying to go as green as possible in my daily life, it is fulfilling to know that I am always striving to keep moving forward in a direction that leaves the people and the world around me in a better place. I think big changes come from a lot of little actions that happen over time. It's important to acknowledge that we all have the power to influence. This could mean either in our personal or professional lives, or both. But it's up to us to determine what inspires us and how we want to use that to be an agent of change in our own authentic way.


Where do you see the future of architecture going?: In this eco-conscious era, I really see the future of architecture standardizing green initiatives by leveraging technology and increased use of sustainable materials.


Tell us a passion of yours.

I love to travel and I want to see as much of the world as I can! I love to meet new people and try to immerse myself in other cultures. Seeing the world through different perspectives always is an inspiration and a reminder of how humbled I feel to live in a part of the world rich with resources and opportunity. It helps keep things in perspective and makes me grateful for what is really important in life: friends & family. Traveling also satisfies my love for food and trying new native dishes. My rule is to always try anything once, but to always have a chaser in case it doesn't go over so well!


Favorite Architect:

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favorite architects. Being from the midwest myself, I grew up seeing his work and was always inspired by how his designs strived for harmony in the environment yet still remain modern and beautiful. I remember seeing his work at a young age and always thinking how he, in many ways, was way ahead of his time. I really started to appreciate his work when I was older and got to see more of the world.


What do you love most about working at RKA?

If I had to describe my ideal work experience and team culture, I could sum it up by working at RKA. Not only is this team dedicated, hard working, and talented, but they also know how to have fun. I love working for a company that embeds high standards of workmanship and professionalism with a positive team culture. It is enjoyable to be at work everyday and there is a joy that comes from knowing you are spending your time to support an exceptional company. I feel lucky to have found RKA!