We are excited to announce a recent promotion on our team. Chris Daubert has accepted the position as Principal and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

For the past 5 years, Chris has been an incredible asset to Rockefeller Kempel Architects. His professionalism, work ethic, talent, and drive have all paved the way to this moment. He is a natural mentor and leader and is well-respected amongst his peers and colleagues.

From early on, Chris remembers being interested in more of the technology and hands-on classes in school. “There was something about building and drawing homes in AutoCAD that I really grasped onto.” From there he studied at the University of Buffalo followed by USC where he obtained his Masters and was the honorable recipient of the AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit Award. This medal is awarded by the university to recognize one top graduating student that they believe has displayed excellence throughout their academic career.

This promotion is only the beginning of Chris’s long-term career goals. He says, “The ultimate goal is to have my name on the door. A lot will happen from now until then, but along the way, I hope to put my mark on the environment with prominent architectural buildings here in Los Angeles. To me, we have the unique ability as architects to impact lives through design.”

In his time at RKA, Chris has worked on a range of projects. “The diversity of my portfolio, along with becoming licensed before the age of 30, is something I take a lot of pride in.” And it is obvious that Chris has a natural aptitude for leadership coupled with a willingness to help, guide and mentor. “The ability to stay focused yet assertive during the good and bad times are core values all leaders should have. When a problem occurs, you need someone who remains calm but also steps up to the plate and takes ownership of the situation.”

When asked about what he believes makes RKA a great firm to work for, Chris believes that “being challenged with something new, especially with the diverse range of each project, lends itself to learning how to adapt based on the project’s needs. There is no ceiling here, we promote from within, and the partners support each architect to grow and learn as much as you can so that everyone can climb the ranks.” He also appreciates that you see the process through from start to finish and have the ability to build a client relationship to a level that is not normally achieved with a non, full-service firm. RKA allows each team member to flex the breadth of their experience and talent on each project, making it as hands-on as possible under the vetted guidance of the firm partners.

Chris is one to watch for as he continues his forward momentum in the industry. We are extremely lucky to have his incredible talent on our team. He steps up to the plate with each project and leadership opportunity while consistently exceeding expectations. It is obvious that in addition to his architectural talent, he genuinely cares about each member of the team and the culture of the organization. His professionalism, expertise, steadfast humor, and natural ability to lead is truly an inspiration as he raises the bar for others to follow in his footsteps. We cannot think of someone more deserving for this promotion and we’re excited for what the future holds for someone of his caliber. Chris Daubert is one to watch for as he is on the rise!

 Author: Andrea Obando