Meet Adeline Li, RKA's newest Architect Associate!


Name: Adeline Li

RKA Title: Architectural Associate

Degree: Master of Architecture, University of Southern California

Length of time at RKA: 1 month

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

I find creative inspiration in the routine and the anomalous. I enjoy asking what causes patterns and what gives rise to outliers.

What keeps you inspired?

Knowing there are things that I don't even know that I don't know keeps me inspired.

What's one thing you do daily to let off steam?

Tetris!! It's amazing how such a complex game can come from just seven shapes!

Tell us a passion of yours.

I love learning about how things work and how things are made. I have spent an obscene amount of time binge-watching the How It's Made series.

Favorite IG account.

I have too many favorite accounts. But recently, I have been obsessed with @chonkyanimals, @ignant, and @waneella.